REVIVAL. A word that stirs emotion in our hearts and brings a renewed passion for a cause. Nathan Maack wants to help reignite a sincere passion for the Lord through the classic Hymns of the church and Southern Gospel songs.

Nathan’s concerts and events are Christ-focused and present the gospel in a non-intimidating way featuring many well-known Hymns and Southern Gospel classics with a small complement of modern Worship songs. Nathan brings his passion for these musical styles with a large range of different tempos, rhythms, and Christian themes.

His concert ministry is unique. The majority of each appearance features his piano playing. Nathan artistically plays the piano with a unique style accompanied with orchestrated track intertwined with piano-only melodies ranging from power ballads and hand-clapping tunes to gentle worship. But just as the listeners settle into an instrumental pattern, Nathan changes things up and begins to sing with a smooth baritone voice. Throughout the performance, he interjects his humor and tells stories behind the songs and the songwriters to help make an impact on the message of the song. Each full-length concert includes several opportunities for the audience to sing on long-loved hymns! And on some appearances, additional live instrumentalists and vocalists may be included.

Excitement of Nathan Maack’s Revival Tour

  • Features Hymns and Southern Gospel
  • Lightning-speed playing that sends smoke out the piano
  • Humor, life-changing stories, and biblical observations
  • Projected visuals before and during the concert (where available)
  • Old-fashioned Hymn Singing
  • CDs and gear not sold in stores
  • Other fun surprises!


These events have been designed to provide a relaxed atmosphere and encourage the audience to have a good time. In an era with so much bad news and trials that people are going through, this music allows the listener to have fun and to be encouraged while worshiping the Lord and being reminded of God’s goodness and constant presence in our lives.

We understand that not all churches sing the hymns or southern gospel music in their services but we ask that you would still consider this concert for your church. Families can participate together to hear and sing songs they haven’t heard in a long time and provide an opportunity to introduce these great musical styles of the church filled with timeless biblical theology to both older and younger generations.