Larry Bates is a dedicated husband, father, grandfather, and a committed Christian. Larry is the premiere harmonica player with Maack Ministries. His unique styling brings a new and fun sound to the concerts and events.

Although he lives and works in Arizona, his job takes him to California every month. The travel time and personal contact with people from diverse backgrounds not only gives him ample time to practice his harmonica playing but to talk about life and demonstrate Christ’s love to those he comes in contact with. He looks for opportunities in everyday life to witness and talk about God.

Both Larry and his wife, Elaine, have a passion for missions. Not only has Larry been on several short-term mission trips, one of his daughters was a missionary with her husband in a Muslim populated part of the world. Elaine and Larry have traveled to this country several times since and have seen the impact that serving Christ has in foreign countries.

Larry met with Nathan a few years ago to ask about playing a medley of songs for special music at their home church. A few months later they played the arrangement to a packed church. The two formed a friendship and business relationship. They have begun ministering in concert and at Christian events with unique duets of harmonica and piano and an emphasis on helping churches and organizations raise funds for missionaries and for both local and worldwide mission projects. His desire is to expand these appearances to help with community outreach and to help give local musicians the opportunity to use their talents as a blessing for others.

Larry is a natural marketer, businessman, people person, and friend. His attitude and enthusiasm for the Lord and great music is contagious. Be watching for his ideas to become reality as he continues to serve the Lord and share the gospel to the world.



Color: Blue

Phrase: “Just do it!” (Some people watch things as they are happening, some people make things happen, some people say ‘What happened?’)

Vacation Spot: Hawaii

Bible Verse: Matthew 11:28-30

Album: Anything with Buddy Greene

Book: “This Present Darkness” by Frank Peretti

TV Show: Everybody Loves Raymond

Hymn: The Old Rugged Cross

Q: Born when and where?
A: March 14, 1953 in Phoenix, Arizona

Q: Wife/Children?
A: Elaine, 2 daughters: Angela and Yvonne, 3 grandchildren and more coming

Q: How do you relax?
A: Turning on the radio to FM 102.1 and trying to play harmonica along with any tune that comes on

Q: What talent would you most like to have?
A: To play the harmonica. Really! To play the hard stuff and hit each note perfectly and with perfect tone quality is a goal to reach.

Q: What is your most prized possession?
A: Let’s see now, should I give the obvious and most perfect answer – my Bible. All the answers to life and purpose are found there. But I think you are looking for something more earthy like a photo album. If my house was on fire, I would risk the flames to get my family picture albums and memory disks.

Q: If you could invite 3 people to dinner, who would they be?
A: Easy question! It would have to be a long lunch. If I would get two hours with each person, then to have them together I would need six hours. I would need to go back in time to the Apostle Paul’s senior days and we would need to pull king David out of the past. Once I’ve covered all my “what happened between the lines” questions, then we would present our honored guest Jesus Christ and I would sit back and listen to the questions and answers.

Q: Product for which you would do a commercial?
A: Häagen-Dazs® White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Ice Cream

Q: Place you would like to play but haven’t?
A: Carnegie Hall, here I come!