Nathan Maack

Music plays a vital role in Nathan Maack’s life. As a soloist and member of multiple music groups, his involvement includes singing, playing instruments, composing, arranging, producing, conducting, as well as marketing and booking events…

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His Messengers_artistspage

His Messengers

His Messengers have sung at several churches, campgrounds, resorts, and retirement communities throughout the Greater Phoenix area and also in surrounding areas in Arizona. Although we enjoy singing many of the old Gospel favorites, we also have included a few contemporary songs that have quickly become treasured by young and old alike…

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Larry Bates_artistspage

Larry Bates

Larry Bates is a dedicated husband, father, grandfather, and a committed Christian. Larry is the premiere harmonica player with Maack Ministries. His unique styling brings a new and fun sound to the concerts and events…

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